Calibrating your monitor for the best viewing experience

Proper monitor calibration will ensure that your colors and black levels are true, and will ensure that your monitor is producing the best results for editing and viewing images and videos. Plus, it’ll be easier on your eyes! You could of course have us come out and perform a professional in-home calibration, but why not do it yourself and save the money? A quick at-home calibration is relatively speedy, hassle-free, and will greatly improve image quality. Here’s Ctrl Alt Repair's guide on calibrating your monitor to help make sure colors are represented accurately at all times. We can’t guarantee you will produce results as good as a professional calibration, but even these basic calibration procedures will help outshine your monitor’s factory presets.

Before you begin

You’re going to want to do several things before you begin the calibration process.
  • Turn on your monitor at least...

Apple’s software SVP says quitting apps in the background does not help improve battery life

Somehow, it has become a part of mainstream culture for iPhone and iPad users to quit all their apps in multitasking as some kind of regular tech maintenance ritual to improve battery life or speed up the hardware. An understanding of how iOS multitasking works however, shows that this is completely unnecessary to close every app in the multitasking view frequently. red cloud A reader decided to ask Tim Cook for an official stance on whether he quits all his apps and if it’s necessary. Although Cook didn’t answer, Apple iOS chief Craig Federighi did with an unambiguous answer ‘no and no’ … In the email shared with 9to5Mac, Federighi jumps in to answer Caleb’s question. The message headers have been verified for legitimacy. This is the arguably the strongest opposition from Apple executives on record in...

Windows 10 is quietly getting better and better

In the November update to Windows 10 Microsoft added new features to the OS and refines its user interface. Many of these features were meant to be in the first release Windows 10, but weren’t ready in time. (If you haven’t upgraded your Windows 7 or 8/8.1 computer or tablet to Windows 10 yet, these features are included in the free Windows 10 upgrade.) Here is what's new, ranked from most important to least.
windows 10

1. More flexible activation using a valid Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 key

Upgrading a computer with a valid installation of Windows 7 or 8/8.1 is currently free. The Windows 10 installation program checks for a license for any of these prior versions of Windows on the computer or tablet. Microsoft has made this process more flexible with the November...

Apple Music: Everything you need to know about Apple’s new music service

Apple is preparing to launch Apple Music alongside iOS 8.4 in a short while from now. The new Music service will include three different services — the Apple Music streaming service, the Apple Music radio station which includes Beats 1 and Apple Music Connect, a social network to link fans with their favorite artists. It’s a new venture for Apple and one that may be difficult to navigate to due to its many parts, so read on for answers to your most pressing questions about this new service.

What is Apple Music?

Advertised as “All the ways you love music. All in one place,” Apple is creating a streaming music service that’ll complement its existing music download catalog. Instead of purchasing individual tracks, Apple Music will allow you to...

Make sure you’re up to speed: Buying the perfect router

If you’re like the hundreds of other people in the market for a new router, you should know it’s one of the most important hardware components in your digital world. If you love streaming Netflix to your Apple TV, and/or playing online video games.. You need to find a device that is robust enough to handle all your needs. With so many products out there to choose from, Ctrl Alt Repair will break down what to look for and what you can ignore when making your networking decisions.

Should I use equipment from an ISP?

First things first. If your ISP offers a free modem, take it. But if you have to buy or "rent" one from your ISP, it's better to ask if there's a list of approved modems and buy your own from a third-party...