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Make sure you’re up to speed: Buying the perfect router

If you’re like the hundreds of other people in the market for a new router, you should know it’s one of the most important hardware components in your digital world. If you love streaming Netflix to your Apple TV, and/or playing online video games.. You need to find a device that is robust enough to handle all your needs. With so many products out there to choose from, Ctrl Alt Repair will break down what to look for and what you can ignore when making your networking decisions.

Should I use equipment from an ISP?

First things first. If your ISP offers a free modem, take it. But if you have to buy or "rent" one from your ISP, it's better to ask if there's a list of approved modems and buy your own from a third-party...

The Bubbles of Social Media

It is no secret that web companies tailor their services, news and search results to our personal taste. The consequences are that we are trapped in “filter bubbles” and don’t get exposed to information that could broaden our world view. For example, Facebook checks which friends’ links you are clicking more and is editing your profile and news feed accordingly. It decides for you who are most likely to interest you based on your past interactions with friends. Facebook is not the only one doing this algorithmic editing of the web. Yahoo News, Washington Post, EBay and Amazon are just a few of the websites who do personalization on some level.


In the TED talk above, Eli Pariser explains how different people get different results when searching the...