Printer Support

Making sure all the accessories work with your computer is not as easy as it seems. But whether you are printing out pictures from the party you went to yesterday or need to review a copy of the report you are turning in on Monday, you need your printer to work. Let us get our hands on it and we’ll have you scanning, copying, and printing in no time.

For network and wireless printing, we recommend on-site support so we can configure and troubleshoot your network, but of course we do offer remote printer setup as well. Printers vary widely in setup, orientation and driver requirements. The best way to get your running properly is to have a technician out to your home asap, and as alway we service the Knoxville, Powell, Clinton, Oak Ridge, Maryville, and Sevierville area.

We can help you

  • Setup and configure or troubleshoot one printer
  • Install needed software and updates
  • Test device for proper functionality
  • Answer questions you have about the printer features and functions
  • clean inside, along with a final wipe down the exterior of the printer.

So Stop Rebooting, And Start Repairing..

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